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is the latest generation of Falken’s flagship ultra high performance tires available in a wide array of sizes from 17-inch to 22-inch rim diameters. Fitments include popular staggered applications making this tire suitable for high-end vehicles. In addition, the FK453 features the latest developments in noise-absorption technology which help provide a quiet and comfortable ride. A silica enriched compound is utilized for confident dry and wet performance. Rated with W and Y speed ratings, this tire is composed of nylon-reinforced layers allowing for enhanced high-speed stability, helping to create the ultimate driving tire.

Lorain, Ohio


is Falken’s first ultra high performance all-season touring tire. It has a deep tread depth and long lateral grooves that help prevent hydroplaning and provide stability in wet conditions. The asymmetric tread pattern provides even wear and excellent performance while the optimized construction ensures ride comfort is never compromised. Targeted toward luxury vehicle owners, the PT722 is available in 49 sizes in V and W speed ratings with diameters ranging from 16-inch to 22-inch.

Lorain, Ohio


delivers maximum value as a progressive touring tire that fits the needs of a variety of vehicles. With an 80,000 mile limited mileage warranty, the SN211 offers lasting confidence and comfort. Available in a wide range of original equipment sizes from 14-inch to 18-inch with a T speed rating. The SN211 is engineered with a long mileage compound along with a variable sipe depth design, helping to maximize tire life. Its stylish tread pattern and sport inspired appearance enhance the look of popular coupes, sedans and wagons.

Lorain, Ohio

The ZIEX ZE912

brings together in one tire, technology and performance, that advances driver confidence whatever the weather condition. This tire features large sipes encasing the tread, coupled with high volume circumferential grooves that deliver hydroplane resistance for improved wet weather performance, while its hybrid-asymmetric pattern produces
better dry performance. With 93 sizes including CUV fitment, available from 14-inch to 20-inch, and speed ratings of H, V and W, the ZE912 is built to perform regardless of the condition of the road, each and every season.

Lorain, Ohio


is a hybrid vehicle tire with the cost saving fuel efficiency of a Low Rolling Resistance Compound, engineered with
performance in mind. This tire features an asymmetric tread pattern with four straight wide circumferential grooves for hydroplane resistance along with a dual high rigidity rib construction, allowing good wet and
dry braking stability. Slots and sipes can be found throughout the tire, optimized for even tread wear with a comfortable ride while providing additional traction. With a size list ranging from 15-inch to 18-inch and speed ratings of H, V and W, the ZE914 EcoRun is a great tire for enthusiasts looking to save at the pump.

Lorain, Ohio


is a championship-winning street tire that is extremely popular for today’s sports cars, performance compacts and
sedans. With its world-spec construction and advanced compound for street and track use, the RT615K confidently maintains grip both in street and track conditions. Through its proprietary technology, the motorsports inspired 8/32nd tread design and solid center rib provide significant traction and sustains strong grip in dry conditions.
Available in 21 sizes from 14-inch to 18-inch, the RT615K is the track tire of choice with a UTQG rating of 200 A-A.

Lorain, Ohio

The FK452

is available in a wide array of diameters, from 16-inch to 24-inch. This tire has an aggressive directional tread design with phase-shifted random pitch variation allowing for maximum noise reduction. Reinforced steel bead filler and a dual tread compound coupled with three-dimensional rounded tread blocks enable the FK452 to handle well even in large diameter applications. Perfect for sedans and coupes alike, the FK452 offers summer performance at a value.

Lorain, Ohio


raises the bar for the winter performance segment. With a new silica enriched compound, the HS449 is a blend of winter capability and dry performance. The directional tread design features an optimal amount of void ratio for grip in wet and slushy conditions as well as snow evacuation. 3D Canyon siping is utilized in the tread for ice grip and wet performance to help the tire maintain contact with the road in even the most severe conditions. For those looking for performance in winter with dependability in the dry, the HS449 hits the mark.

Lorain, Ohio


presents winter driving predictability and traction consistency. A silica based compound ensures tread flexibility, maximizing tread life, with multi-angled sipes allowing for better control in ice and snow. HS439 is extremely versatile as its unique UHP-inspired asymmetric tread pattern maintains high-speed stability in dry conditions, while four high-volume circumferential grooves expel water, slush and packed snow when driving in adverse conditions. The HS439 is great for winter weather, wet or dry.

Lorain, Ohio


provides superb traction even in the harshest weather conditions. Specially designed canyon sipes and a micro-glass fiber rubber compound allow the EPZ to “claw” the roughness of ice and stubbornness of snow in a non-studded alternative to the traditional winter tire. With sizes ranging from 13-inch to 17-inch, the EPZ covers many of today’s popular OE fitments. The Espia EPZ is the perfect choice capable of conquering mother nature at her worst on a daily basis.

Lorain, Ohio


reinvigorates the all-performance sport utility and light truck tire market through its aggressive stance and maximum traction. A symmetric five-rib pattern and rigid block design allows for ultra durability, exceptional on-road response and optimized off-road handling. Two stiff extra-wide steel belts enable stability, while four wide multi-angled grooves enable maximum water, mud and snow evacuation. Biting block edges provide additional, unparalleled traction and control. The WildPeak A/T is available in 15-inch to 24-inch applications, up to 37” overall diameter.

Lorain, Ohio


offers a combination of superb dry handling and responsive wet braking on all roadway surfaces. With its non-directional tread pattern Falken has optimized traction and control, through the combination of a high tension casing ply and stiff wide steel belts, the WildPeak H/T provides stability and comfort for pick-up trucks and SUVs alike whatever the season. With excellent value from its high mileage tread, and optimal ride comfort the WildPeak H/T leaves the competition in the dust.

Lorain, Ohio


features the latest in tread compound and construction technology designed specifically for SUV and 1/2 ton sport truck applications. With an advanced M+S all-season non-directional tread design, the S/TZ05 enjoys the freedom of rotation in all directions, optimizing tread life. With double tapered cut tread blocks and staggered shoulder lug grooves, the S/TZ05 is a smooth, quiet and dynamic tire. Available from 20-inch to 24-inch applications, this tire covers many of today’s popular SUV and LT wheel fitments. Whether you’re cruising through the city or driving on the open highway, the S/TZ05 provides unparalleled performance and comfort.

Lorain, Ohio


offers M+S all-season performance with a symmetrical non-directional tread pattern for unrestricted rotation and superior life. In challenging weather conditions, the S/TZ04 tire displays excellent lateral handling and highway stability due to its solid center rib. Four wide circumferential grooves combined with a deep tread design, makes the S/TZ04 suitable for all weather conditions.

Lorain, Ohio


is Falken’s answer for today’s growing market of performance luxury crossovers and SUVs. Available in a wide array of diameters, from 17-inch to 20-inch including staggered applications, this tire features a performance oriented asymmetric tread design engineered to help provide optimal traction and handling. A silica enriched compound and advanced tire construction ensure maximum performance with minimal tire noise. The FK453CC allows your performance crossover or SUV to handle the way it was meant to.

Lorain, Ohio

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