Road Hazard Protection

The road hazard plan, provided by Pallens Auto Concepts, offers limited protection for road hazards on passenger and light truck tires. It covers damage caused by punctures, bruises, or breaks during normal driving on maintained roads, such as those from nails, glass, and potholes.

To obtain service:

  • If within 10 miles of Pallens Auto Concepts, return there.
  • If more than 10 miles away, call 855-429-2791 for help locating the nearest participating facility.
  • Present the original invoice for the tire purchase and the road hazard plan.
  • Obtain prior authorization before replacing a tire damaged by a road hazard.
  • The damaged tire must be available for inspection.
  • Submit claims and required documentation within 60 days of failure or service.

The limited road hazard plan covers a period of 3 years or until any portion of the tire wears to 2/32 of an inch or less, whichever comes first. It includes:

  • Tire Replacement: If a tire becomes unserviceable due to a road hazard during its usable tread life, it will be replaced with a new or comparable quality tire.
  • Tire Repair: If the tire can be safely repaired, the repair is free if done by the original facility; otherwise, up to $20.00 coverage at another facility.

Exclusions and limitations:

  • Not eligible for vehicles with a manufacturer's load rating capacity over 1 ton, commercial vehicles, trailers, and certain damages (off-road use, collision, fire, vandalism, theft, etc.).
  • Excludes cosmetic damage, sidewall abrasions, misalignment, and damages not repaired according to manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Covers only the registered tires listed on the original invoice.
  • Excludes consequential and incidental damages, with variations based on state laws.

This protection plan provides specific legal rights, and additional rights may vary by state. No guarantees are given beyond those stated in the plan.

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